Foray at Gibralter Rock – Sunday, July 1

At 2 pm on Sunday, July 1, Madison Mycological Society will be hosting a foray at Gibralter Rock (SNA #73 in Columbia County). There is only one parking lot, we will meet there. Sarah Wiest will lead the foray. If you can’t find the group, contact her at 937-371-3907. Add your name or find a ride on our carpooling list.

As a reminder, please be cautious and conscientious when moving through public lands. State Natural Areas are available for public recreation like wild foraging, but are protected primarily because they are some of the last remaining areas representative of the ecosystems that existed across Wisconsin prior to European-American colonization. Please avoid trampling vegetation. Learn more about Wisconsin’s State Natural Areas Program.

State natural areas (SNAs) protect outstanding examples of Wisconsin’s native landscape of natural communities, significant geological formations and archeological sites. Encompassing nearly 400,000 acres, Wisconsin’s 687 natural areas are valuable for research and educational use, the preservation of genetic and biological diversity and for providing benchmarks for determining the impact of use on managed lands. They also provide some of the last refuges for rare plants and animals.