Welcome to the Madison Mycological Society! We are a group of fungus-lovers in the Madison area eager to meet other mycophiles, sustainably forage Wisconsin’s great outdoors, and learn about the fascinating world of fungi. We know that once you start looking for fungi, you see that they are everywhere serving as essential mutualists, pathogens, and decayers of all the world’s ecosystems. Madison Mycological Society strives to educate and excite the public about fungi so that instead of fearing them we can learn and work with them for a healthier, more sustainable, and tastier living.

NOTICE: Overcrowding parks, not practicing social distancing of at least six feet, and consuming fungi that are not properly identified during the COVID-19 pandemic puts you and others at risk. All of the above activities put unnecessary stress on medical systems that need all available resources to fight the virus. Group outings, overcrowding parks, and overcrowding parking lots increase your chances of exposure and you exposing the virus to others. Please follow all local health authority directives, and DO NOT take risks. In fungi we trust.