Community Science

  • iNaturalist – This is a community science platform where one can upload pictures of observations (of fungi or any other group of organisms) and people across the world work together to identify your find.
  • Mushroom Observer – Like iNaturalist, this is a platform to upload photos of observations, but is dedicated to fungi. There is a very active community of mycologists who work together to identify your observations. This platform is a great learning tool for mushroom identification.
  • MyCoPortal – MyCoPortal is the Penn Station of fungaria. You can explore the vouchered fungal collections from all the different herbaria in the United States. There is also has an awesome map feature that allows you to see where a given species has been collected in the United States and where that collection is now deposited.
  • Fungal Diversity Survey (FunDiS) – FunDis (formerly known as the North American Mycoflora Project, NAMP) is a collaborative project between MSA, NAMA, and many other individuals and clubs whose goal is to document the entire diversity of macrofungi in North America. Madison Mycological Society is a participating member of FunDiS, working to discover and document the fungal diversity at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum and Dane County.
  • Check out the COMMUNITY SCIENCE tab in the menu above for additional resources and more information regarding our current projects.

Fungal Taxonomy

  • MycoBank – See the currently accepted name and taxonomic history of any fungal species.
  • Index Fungorum – This site, like MycoBank, shows the currently accepted name for any given species.


Internet Resources