The Wisconsin Mycological ​Society is the older cousin of the Madison Mycological Society. As a member of either society, you are entitled to the benefits of membership of the other.

The North American Mycological Society is an organization of professional and amateur mycologists across the continent. The Madison Mycological Society, along with over 80 other clubs, are affiliated with NAMA.

The Mycological Society of America is the professional mycological society of the United States. The MSA holds an annual meeting that is attended by many of the country’s mycologists.

Citizen Science

Mushroom Observer is a fantastic tool for both novice and seasoned mycologists. It is the preferred platform for uploading fungal observations. There is a very active community that works together to identify uploads. Even if you have no idea what a mushroom it is, upload your observation and someone out there will most likely know the species, or at least genus.

MyCoPortal is the Penn Station of herbaria. You can explore the vouchered fungal collections from all the different herbaria across North America. Furthermore, you can create an account and upload information about specimens that you collect for your personal herbarium. There is also has an awesome map feature that allows you to see where a given species has been collected in the United States and where that collection is now deposited.

The North American Mycoflora Project (NAMP) is a collaborative project between MSA, NAMA, and many other individuals and clubs whose goal is to document the entire diversity of macrofungi of North America. Madison Mycological Society is a participating member of NAMP, working to discover and document the fungal diversity of Wisconsin state.

Fungal Taxonomy

Want to know what the currently accepted name for a species is, or when it was first described, or its position in the grand fungal tree? Check out Mycobank and Index Fungorum, two great and authoritative websites that are updated frequently to reflect our growing understanding of fungal diversity.