Foray at Kathy and Henry’s place, 49 Danks Rd., Stoughton, WI 53598 – Sunday, August 12

This Sunday we will be foraging on the private property of Kathy and Henry Royer. Meet us at their house, 49 Danks Rd., Stoughton, WI 53598. Check out their beautiful sculptures and furniture on their website.

We hope to find some exciting late summer edibles, like chanterelles and chicken of the woods. 

Find a carpool buddy here.  

Bring outdoor clothes and expect to walk through woods and brush that might contain ticks and poison ivy, and most definitely some mosquitoes. A hat, water, snacks, and insect repellant are all handy things to bring. Stiff wicker baskets are ideal for carrying fungal finds intact; mesh bags will often turn your collection into unidentifiable debris. Also, a camera for documenting mushrooms and a notebook for recording information are both valuable for growing as a wild forager and mycologist.