MMS Workshop – April 24, 2018 – Wild Yeast: from Soil to Sourdough

Tue, April 24th – Madison Mycological Society and Madison Fermentation Cooperative present – Wild Yeast: from Soil to Sourdough

6:30 – 8:00 pm – Madison Sourdough Company bakery classroom – 916 Williamson St (map)

Yeasts are all around us – they’re fungi with immeasurable ecological value, and have shaped the course of human culinary history.

Join the Madison Mycological Society and Madison Fermentation Collective in hosting yeast experts for a seminar and workshop on wild yeasts. The Hittinger Lab will teach us about citizen science identification of wild yeasts, as well as yeast ecology and fermentation. Madison Sourdough will then lead a demo on the use of wild yeasts in sourdough.

All attendees are welcome to bring a sample of anything – soil, sourdough, plant matter, whatever it may be – and we will isolate its yeasts together. The Hittinger Lab will then sequence and report back what they find. Finally, bring a container and leave with your own sourdough starter, then get baking!