Black Lives Matter

We, the Madison Mycological Society board of directors, unequivocally believe that Black Lives Matter and condemn police brutality in all its forms. We are committed to making our platforms and events safe for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We acknowledge Madison’s history of racial discrimination, segregation, and police violence, and support the people and organizations working to dismantle white supremacy in Madison, WI and beyond.

As described in our bylaws Section 5. CODE OF ETHICS:
(v) MMS stands against white supremacy and colonialist thought. Be mindful of assumptions and internal biases. Be respectful of the land and acknowledge the rights and sovereignty of indigenous peoples. Display or promotion of any white supremacist or nationalist ideology will not be tolerated.

(vii). MMS welcomes individuals of all races, languages, legal status, national origins, and backgrounds. Mycology is an important part of many cultures, and varied interpretations and perspectives on fungi are vital to a healthy understanding of mycology. MMS is a safe space for all people, regardless of documentation or citizenship status.

(ix) Slurs or other hate speech will not be tolerated at any MMS meetings, forays, events, or workshops, nor will any display or promotion of hate groups or associated ideologies.

Any questions regarding our bylaws can be directed to our email at